Pediatric and Teen Eye Care

Essential Pediatric and Teen Eye Care

Complete Care to Ensure Your Child’s Eye Health

Good vision is important for your child's educational, physical, sporting, and social development. It is essential for a child to be able to differentiate letters and words in order to learn to read.

With 37 years of experience, Dr. Terry Reynolds knows what to look for and how to treat vision issues in pediatric patients.
Eye Care

Eye Care for Children and Teens Under 18

  • Contact fittings
  • Eyewear prescriptions
  • Eye exams
  • Eye surgery
  • General eye care

Do You Suspect Your Child Has Trouble Seeing?

Does your child often squint to see objects and shapes that are far away? Does your teen have trouble reading or looking at the computer? These are all signs that your child may have a vision problem and needs to be seen by an optometrist right away.

If your child is not old enough to read or recognize numbers, Dr. Reynolds uses different methods to determine what your child can and cannot see.
Dr. Terry Reynolds uses all the latest equipment for diagnostics. Schedule your child's eye exam today!
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More than 80% of the information children receive about the world comes from vision.
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